Trading in Thailand : a good idea for financials ?

Foreigners who are planning to relocate to Thailand do not always find jobs easily. That is why they have to think about making money online or living off the proceeds of their savings.

The first two questions such people ask are whether it is possible to earn money online and what the ways of doing it are. It is possible for expats to use all the basic trading instruments which can be found in countries like the UK and the USA. Both Forex and binary options trading brokers can provide a sustainable source of income for them.

Forex Trading in Thailand

Forex trading allows expatriates to take advantage of the differences in currency prices and exchange rates. If you want to find Forex brokers in Thailand that specialize in working with both expats and citizens, then you will

Trading in Thailand

find the list below quite useful.

Best Forex Brokers

There are five main Forex brokers operating in Thailand:

  1. Windsor Broker (minimal deposit – 500$). One of the longest serving brokers in Europe, it has an operational history of more than 25 years.
  2. FxPro (minimal deposit – 100$). A leading online forex broker was founded in 2006, and today it allows millions of people to trade the financial markets.
  3. Libertex (minimal deposit – 100$). A relatively new company which is owned by Indication Investment Ltd. One of its main features is cross-platform compatibility.
  4. 3TG Brokers (minimal deposit – 300$) which provides 4 main types of trading platforms including 3TG MT4 platform, 3TG Mobile Trader, 3TG Station and 3TG MAM.
  5. Agea (minimal deposit – 1$). One of the most suitable financial companies for beginners, which provides a friendly and reliable environment.

The one thing that you should bear in mind is that trading US markets in BKK is only possibly at night. It can cause inconvenience for most people. That is why many of them prefer binary options to Forex.

Binary options trading : an opportunity for Thai citizens ?

Although many people believe binary options to be prone to fraud, there are lots of traders making thousands of dollars by buying and selling them. This activity is legal in Thailand, as there are no apparent regulations or legislations concerning binary options. For this reason, you will have difficulties with finding a local Thai broker. This will not be a problem as the majority of world companies operate in the country. However, you may be restricted to the payment methods used for international transactions.

Trading brokers

When it comes to binary options it is especially difficult to pick a trading website. Hundreds of choices are available for expats in Thailand, and you never know which of them are reliable. Our goal is to help you choose the most suitable broker for you.

    1. IQ Option. The company launched their service in 2012 and immediately gained popularity all over the world. An online check will show you hundreds positive reviews and high regard to this site. It is known to be one of the most innovative sites, as you can learn to trade on a demo account before spending (actually, earning) real money. Another company’s distinct feature is its design which appeals to most traders, as their trading platform is simple to use and understand. Their customer support is always there to help traders. Do not hesitate to give this company a try.
    2. Olymp Trade. An excellent broker offering bonuses up to 100% and return rate of 92.76%. It also has a demo version and is compatible with all mobile devices. You can start trading with just 1 dollar in your account!
    3. Expert Option. Last but not least, the company is a relative newcomer to the area, and they have used this to their advantage. Their website is available in a large range of languages including Thai. The platform is intuitive to use for both experienced and new traders.

All the companies mentioned are licensed which makes them reliable and safe to use. Unfortunately, PayPal in Thailand don’t work anymore with forex and binary options brokers.


It is really easy to say why brokers in Thailand has become so popular. However, you should not forget that your capital is at risk when you are trading. Do not deposit all you have even when you are 100% sure to increase your profits.